Citra Velayudha Swami Kovil - Verugal

Pada Yatra foot pilgrims at Verugal
Pada Yatra foot pilgrims at Verugal
pilgrims worship at Verugal
Pada Yatra pilgrims worship at Verugal

Cittira Vêlāyuta Cuvāmi Kovil is situated at the banks of the river Verukal at Killivetti in Trincomalee district. It is a temple of ancient legend with a fascinating history.

During the epoch of Kantapurana during the epic war of Murukan with asura king Cûrapatman, Murukan's sacred arrow from his bow is said to have fallen on the place called Katira Vel. Like all ancient shrines and temples, the origin of this Verukalam Pati Muruka Vel is also legendary. The Vedda tribes revered the location and the Vel for worship and ever since it has been a shrine.

This had become a recognized temple in the Kulakoddan era. and in the regime of the Vanniyars. Tradition has it that a hidden treasure was revealed by Murukan to a Cettiyar on his pilgrimage to Kataragama from South India. With the proceeds he built a grand temple later demolished in the 16th century by the Portuguese. There are many inscriptions regarding the history of the temple from ancient times.

Information from this page is extracted from
Vel Worship in Sri Lanka by Dr. Mrs. Vimala Krishnapillai.
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